Commodity pricing with Ornstein-Uhlenbeck price process and Kalman Filter calibration in Python

The Maths

Pricing model


Model Calibration

Eq. 10
  • We generate the unobserved state variable via the transition equation, which is a discrete-time version of the stochastic process in equation (1. We can therefore write the transition equation as
Eq. 11
  • The Kalman filter is then applied as a recursive procedure to compute the optimal estimator of the state variable at a time t, based on the information at time t and updated continuously as new information becomes available. In order to apply the simple Kalman filter, we assume that both the disturbances and the initial state variable are normally distributed; we can therefore calculate the maximum likelihood function and estimate the model parameter that is otherwise unknown.

Model Implementation


Pricing Model

I am curious about numbers,investments and everything else.

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Ezio Lauro

Ezio Lauro

I am curious about numbers,investments and everything else.

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